NVC 9 Mar 24 – why? (and how)

Have you found yourself in personal or professional situations where tensions and conflicts made your life less than wonderful? Would you like to increase your ability to remain connected to what is important, clear about what you would like to happen, and aware of what is essential for the other person?

You may desire to find ways that your professional meetings become more effective while remaining inclusive of everybody’s well-being and motivation, or you may like to find more efficient ways to bring about the changes you desire to see in your work and life?

Are you willing to find paths to greater awareness of what may be hindering collaboration, be it in the office or with your child, partner, friends?

Nonviolent Communication highlights the patterns of thoughts and major conscious and unconscious behaviours and speech habits that make it less likely for us to navigate through personal and professional relationships and through tensions and conflicts in a way that maximise our satisfaction and effectiveness. It provides a practical way to increase the likelihood that our needs are met, while also taking care of other people’s needs and desire in a way that does not entail submission, rebellion, compromise, or other unsatisfactory results.


There will be brief theoretical introductions and explanations. You will be guided through the theory in an interactive way, starting from your own experience. You will be invited to think of real cases from your own personal or professional life. We will create together a space of confidentiality and mutual trust, and give space to experimenting in practical exercises a different way to dialogue with oneself and others.