Financial Corresponsibility

Our training events do not have a fixed price and at the same time are not free.

Some of our needs are met through monetary means. Therefore, with equal importance we want anyone who wishes to participate in our trainings to be able to do so, even if they have zero euros in their pocket to put here, and we hope that together we will be able to sustain ourselves by receiving free monetary contributions that collectively can cover our costs and give us a monetary remuneration to take care of our basic needs.

We hope to collectively collect sums comparable to what our colleagues who offer similar trainings for a fixed price manage to collect, of course knowing that we could collect less if there were a low number of participants and/or to honour with joy and total openness our sincere desire for the inclusion of all, regardless of the amount of monetary resources available.

We are happy to collect less money if this is due to the fact that people who – even giving up other ‘non-essential’ things in their lives – cannot usually afford to pay for this kind of trainings can participate in ours. At the same time, we hope that all people will ask themselves with deep honesty what value they attach to the trainings and to the possibility that we also offer to those who do not have monetary means to participate. Some people may find themselves choosing to make the same effort as they would to cover the fixed costs of a similar training if they feel it is worthwhile, some people may be happy to contribute more to a training for our sustainability and a desire for inclusion of those with fewer resources. Together it becomes possible!

More information on this particular financial modality will be presented during the training.