Marco Bertaglia

Internationally certified trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC). See my page on (also in English there) and other relevant information on the website of the Italian-language trainers (Italy & Switzerland).

I began my NVC journey in February 2000. I feel joy and gratefulness when I recall attending several days of NVC training, many of those with Marshall Rosenberg, whom I loved and deeply resonated with.

I began sharing NVC in 2001 in Peru, volunteering to support street children. I have shared NVC as an independent trainer for over two decades.

This year, I chose to complete the international certification path. Today, I have realised that I deeply value being a CNVC-certified trainer because I am fulfilling needs such as belonging, community, competence, and contribution.

My greatest desire is to deepen my connection with myself and with life and share with others what I have found of value in this path and its spiritual significance for me.

Throughout my life, my driving force has been a desire to contribute to social change contribute to a world that embraces the needs of all life. Before Nonviolent Communication, I struggled to maintain love and understanding in all situations. There were times when I harbored strong anger towards those whose actions I desperately wished to change.

NVC provided me with a very practical, at the same time spiritual, way to connect with life and to appreciate the beauty of human needs, even in those people whose actions I considered destructive.

My passion for world peace led me to an introductory workshop on NVC. It was a mind-blowing, heart-expanding, and soul-searching experience that left me feeling enthusiastic, joyful, and amazed. After just one morning, I became convinced of the revolutionary power of NVC and made it my mission to become a trainer and share this approach widely.

I have come to understand that personal growth is an ongoing journey through which I want to contribute to the well-being of all, myself and others. When I contemplate the state of the Planet in ecological and social/geopolitical terms, and I see the many wars occurring already, I feel scared of yet more wars to come. I think of the ceaselessly growing impact of our lifestyle on air, soil, water, and biodiversity. I have a painful awareness of the sufferings of the poorest 80% of the world population and of migration and the related Mediterranean deaths.

I feel daunted and desperate. My needs for hope, safety, and peace are painfully unmet. I find my whole system challenged because I really need to contribute in the direction of what can make life more wonderful for all beings. I also have a profound need for meaning. I want to be sure that I choose to direct my action, focus my attention, and put my energy and resources where it is more likely to make all the life around me more wonderful for more beings.

I want to find allies in the desire to contribute to a world of care and love for the needs of all beings. This is what drives me to share NVC with you! Would you be willing to embark on this journey?

I offer NVC training in the gift economy. This choice is in line with my values and responds to my need for freedom, meaning, community and interconnectedness. I am passionate about navigating with others about what this means for each of us, considering our needs and the needs of everyone.

I wish to bring NVC consciousness to communities facing disruption, famine, violence, migration, and uncertainty. I wish to bring it to bear on our abilities and capabilities to work together in groups in a way that satisfies needs for connection, common purpose, and efficacy / efficiency with care.

I value working for change in a way that I see as consistent with NVC consciousness and with my own Quaker belief that there is “that of God in everyone.” I see this ‘beloved divine energy” as connecting us all with our shared humanity, our beautiful needs, and our feelings.