A short intro to Nonviolent Communication

What is Nonviolent Communication?

Every other day between 10 & 24 February (EXCEPT 16 Feb)
Sat 10, Mon 12, Wed 14, Sun 18, Tue 20, Thu 22 & Sat 24 February 2024
18:00-19:30 CET very precisely with 10’ break between 18:40-18:50
A different Zoom link is provided for the first half and the second half of each session, they are the same for every date of the training, and different for the first half and the second half so that we will disconnect for the break and reconnect after the break.

The Trainer: Marco Bertaglia

Who is this for?
This training is for all, both those who have never heard of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), and for those who have read a book, know a little, want to learn in a more practical and interactive way. People have found NVC useful in personal and professional situations, in relationships and in group settings. Read more

What (and how) will I learn?
In this introductory training, you will get an understanding of why and how the language and mindframe most of us have been educated into contain violence and the roots of painful unsolved conflict within ourselves and with family, friends, colleagues. You will learn the basic elements of NVC as a “language of life”, speaking of what is important for us, listening with openness and curiosity to what is important for the other person or persons, in a way that is more likely to bring quality of connection, clarity, and win-win solutions, in personal and professional settings as well.

Practical information
A total of 7 sessions of 1 hour and twenty effective minutes each, totalling 9 hours and twenty minutes, equivalent to a full day of training.

Each session build on the previous one!

I consider the training to be effective if you take part in the whole series of sessions, all seven, without missing a single session. I consider it difficult for the person who may miss fundamental steps building gradually to the whole, as well as for the other participants, when people who have not attended one session, then attend the following one. Please speak with me before choosing to skip one session and still plan to attend the following ones.

Only people who will have attended the full seven sessions, or have attended other NVC trainings that I will consider equivalent, may participate in the second level training.

Register here by 5 February at the latest

Financial request

For this training, I am exceptionally requiring an advance payment in order to support our non-profit fundraising. There is no fixed price yet it is not free: it is offered in financial corresponsibility, whereby you are invited to contribute to our sustainability and our dream project with an aware and freely chosen contribution.

Please register by 5 February at the latest by making a donation of your choice. You can choose your financial contribution in a spirit of corresponsibility and conscious choice, by making a donation to the nonprofit association “Comunità rigenerative” with these data:

IBAN (international bank account number)


Comunità rigenerative APS
Località Castiglione Centro 83, 28873 Calasca Castiglione (VB)

Reason for payment: “Erogazione liberale”

For any question, please email cnv@comunitarigenerative.it

 If you are uncomfortable to choose the amount for yourself, you can also choose to pay one of the following
– 100€ if you wish to pay for yourself only, 
– 50€ or less if you money really is an issue for you in this moment of your life, or
– from 150€ up, if you wish to make it possible for other people with less access to monetary resources to also participate and/or if you wish to support our sustainability while offering training events in the gift economy. 

In addition, you are welcome to donate more money if you wish to support our project.

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