NVC level 2 (13 Apr 2024)

Marco Bertaglia, a former research officer at the Joint Research Centre, and co‑founder of Comunità rigenerative, a nonprofit association, intentional community and ecovillage in the Alps of NW Italy, is also a trainer in Nonviolent Communication, certified internationally by The Center for Nonviolent Communication. See more on him at https://www.cnvc.org/trainers/marco-bertaglia

This is a second event, deepening skill. In order to participate in this training, it is essential that you
– either have participated in the level 1 training with Marco on 9 March 2024, or
– have participated in the level 1 training online with Marco in January 2024
– have participated in other, equivalentn online or in person introductory training of at least one full day (8 hours).

Have you found yourself in personal or professional situations where tensions and conflicts made your life less than wonderful? Would you like to increase your ability to remain connected to what is important, clear about what you would like to happen, and aware of what is essential for the other person?
Nonviolent Communication provides a practical way to increase the likelihood that our needs are met, while also taking care of other people’s needs and desire in a way that does not entail submission, rebellion, compromise, or other unsatisfactory results.
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This “Deepening skill” (NVC level 2) workshop
Saturday 13 April 2024 – from 9:00 to 17:30 CET


JRC ClubHouse Auditorium or other place in or near Ispra, Varese TBA

Access will be possible to registered participants only, either with the JRC service card, or with legally valid personal ID. Your full name and personnel number (for JRC staff) or ID number (for all) need to be the same indicated in the registration form.

Registration form

Financial request
This training has no fixed price and at the same time a payment is required so that collectively all together the participants can support the sustainability of the trainer and his project. Each person, thinking carefully of the value of such a training, the desire to contribute, his/her access to monetary resources, and the desire to support others who may have less access to money, will choose the level of contribution. If you feel uncomfortable to decide for yourself an amount that you are prepared to contribute and that seems “right”, then consider that the trainer hopes to receive about 2,000€ if the number of participants is of about twenty people, and decide whether you would like to contribute more or if you find it hard to contribute as much and would prefer to contribute less.
The latest date to register for this training, using the form above, is 8 April 2024 at the very latest. You can choose your financial contribution in a spirit of corresponsibility and conscious choice, by making a donation to the nonprofit association “Comunità rigenerative” with these data:

IBAN (international bank account number)


Comunità rigenerative APS
Località Castiglione Centro 83, 28873 Calasca Castiglione (VB)

Reason for payment: “Erogazione liberale”

For any question, please email cnv@comunitarigenerative.it

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